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Nina Cahill  MA

Nina is an art historian with a museum and university background.  She has worked in museum education for several years as well as gaining curatorial and research experience at the renowned art museum Hamburger Kunsthalle in Germany.  She went on to work at the University of Kassel, Germany, where she taught European Art History spanning a period from 1200 – 1800.  Since moving to London in 2014 Nina has combined two of her passions, art and teaching, by working in adult education.

Data Policy

We use our members’, visitors’, lecturers’ and prospective lecturers’ data to provide and administer educational courses and to contact them regarding present and future courses.

The data we collect is provided by you: our members, visitors, lecturers and prospective lecturers.

This data is never disclosed to any third party.

The data we collect from members and visitors consists of name, address, telephone number and, where provided, email address.  Members may also provide a contact name and number for use in case of medical emergency.

The data we collect from lecturers and prospective lecturers consists of name, address, telephone number, email address and curriculum vitae.

Data collected is stored mainly in digital form on computers and, where appropriate, in paper format.  No data is processed by a third party.


We are not required to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office or to appoint a Data Protection Officer.  The Chairman is responsible for ensuring the Charity discharges its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Only the Membership Secretary and Study Day Co-ordinator have access to members’ and visitors’ data.  The Chair of the Future Programme Planning Sub-committee has access to lecturers’ and prospective lecturers’ data.  Other Committee Members will be provided with data on a “need to know” basis to enable them to carry out legitimate tasks for the Charity.

Learning for Pleasure Brentwood collects personal data that is necessary for the purposes of its “legitimate interests” as a membership organisation and provider of educational courses.  The basis for the collection and retention of some data, such as that relating to financial matters, is to comply with its legal obligations.

You may request at any time, by contacting the Chairman or Membership Secretary, either verbally or in writing, details of the personal information held by us on you and may request rectification or deletion of that data.  We will ask the person making such a request to provide evidence that s/he is the subject of data held by us.

We do not record or process any of the “special categories of personal data” referred to in the GDPR.

We do not record or process any data relating to persons under the age of 18.

We delete members’ and visitors’ data from our digital records after a maximum of 24 months unless the relationship between them and us is renewed.  Paper records are shredded.

We keep lecturers’ and prospective lecturers’ data permanently for future reference unless a request is received to delete it. 

Any personal data which is included in our financial and accounting records e.g. to enable payments to be made, is retained for a minimum period of six years, as required by law. 

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